TRIXXON mobile CNC milling machine

Mobilnú frézku


TRIXXON mobile CNC milling machine

Our company manufactures the TRIXXON MM300 mobile milling machine. Numerous external collaborators specialising in construction, design and electronics contributed to its development. The machine is small and compact, designed to work in situations where it is simpler to bring the machine tool to a component rather than the other way around (press equipment, power installations and machinery in heavy industry).

Simply position the mobile milling machine and secure to the machinery part where a specific operation should be performed (drilling, milling and thread cutting). The milling machine is controlled using a hand-held control system, which the operator holds at a safe distance. All movements and functions are fully programmable using a PC and Wi-Fi connection. Just a few hours of portable milling machine work can easily replace the several weeks to months needed to shut-down and repair expensive equipment.

CNC obrábanie mobilnou frézkou TRIXXON

Výroba presných otvorov na veľkých zvarovaných konštrukciách

The disassembly of large and heavy machine components is labour-intensive and problematic. Transporting parts to an external workshop with the required equipment, adequately sized machine tools and a reasonable hourly rate are all critical, not to mention returning the part and its laborious reassembly. All these complications and the associated high costs and time lost to shut-downs can be replaced by our small, compact Trixxon tool.


  • Designed to repair and machine heavy and large-dimension components
  • Machining can be done with the tool in any position while secured to the work piece.
  • Particularly useful for re-cutting damaged threads in inaccessible areas.
  • Shortened maintenance and emergency downtime at power installations.


  • Modify large dimension injection moulds.
  • Produce precision openings in large welded structures after they have been welded.
  • High mobility and in-the-field deployment offer capabilities that other equipment just cannot match.

High precision

  • Cut ball screws with direct drive.
  • CNC control with interpolation in all three motion axes.
  • Adjustable supports on high-precision preloaded roller guideways.
  • Extraordinarily robust and precision spindle for stable machining results.

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CNC machining

The perfect assessment and alignment of a specific volume of technical information is the secret to the automated manufacturing of flawless components. Suitable technical equipment with the necessary parameters is the primary prerequisite.

Heat treatment and surface finishing

Heat treatment and surface finishing are common requirements for a range of mechanical parts. Our efforts to provide our customers with comprehensive services are also evident in this particular area.


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3D measurement

The Technical Control department, led by the Quality Manager, defines the measurement plans, documentation for initial sampling, or the entire set of documents required for specific requests. Typical requirements include 3D measurement equipment reports and the traceability of production and measurement data.

CETA tester-based differential pressure leak testing.

Leak testing is a common post-machining step stipulated on technical prints for aluminium castings. We first encountered this type of specification when machining a double housing for a Bosch electric traction motor, which was designed for applications in electric vehicles.