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I think it was my destiny to follow in my father’s footsteps, who was also a mechanical engineer.

My father’s brother, my uncle, was also a mechanical engineer. I began attending the legendary Engineering School at Fajnorovo nabrezie in Bratislava in 1973, graduating in 1977. I was fortunate that I had the honour of being Professor Hanák’s student for mechanical engineering technologies, and Professor Suchansky’s student for machinery. They were both highly respected and prototypical old-school professors. I often think of them and thank them for what they taught me.

I went on to finish my studies at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, specialising in machine tool design in 1982. I began my career as a mechanical engineering technologist. It was there that I experienced the arrival of the first NC machine tools, which signalled the beginning of electronically-automated production and manufacturing. The first tools to arrive were two SPT 16 NC lathes from Sezimovo Ústí and then a VR 5 NC drill, all of which were programmed with punch cards.

A Csepel MK 500 horizontal machining centre followed in 1986, which had an independent Mitsubishi Meldas Mo control system. I had a very close bond with this tool. Later, once mechanical engineering operations at Istrochem had ceased, I bought that very same Csepel MK 500 tool. That happened in 1995. It was the first tool for the newly established Metaling company, and was already 10 years old.

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In the meantime (1990-1995), I had gained real world experience in Germany working for Brückner as a designer in their development department. This led to the idea of establishing a manufacturing company in Slovakia to supply components to my then employer. As production capacity gradually expanded, Metaling became a strategic components supplier for Brückner. Our collaboration continues to the present day.

A few years later, Metaling had the highest concentration of proven and beloved Csepel MK 500 tools in the world. We owned six of them. They have all been replaced with more modern and better tools, except for one. We’re going to retain that one, repair and nostalgically cherish it, while continuing to use it for jobs that the new machines cannot perform.

Many years of hard work, technological developments, modernisation, and improved production quality and controls have turned our company into a superb group of professionals that can handle our customers’ ever-increasing requirements. Over the 22 years, Metaling has become a reliable partner for many companies across Europe.

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